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Come to Sense and immerse in a world of beauty and well-being.

All treatments take place in my garden summerhouse - a light, private and discreet space for you to indulge and treat yourself. I deliberately chose to put the treatment room in the garden as clients will benefit from the holistic environment, surrounded by nature. Your treatment may be accompanied to the sounds of bird-song or to the patter of falling rain. 

The room is fully prepared with radiator and fan to ensure that you will be in the right temperature all the time during your treatment. 

My facials ritual combine gentle gesture and effective ingredients for a powerful results. Here you will feel in harmony with the environment, reign supreme, ready to face the tribulations of daily life. Male and female rejuvenating, hydrating or anti ageing facials. Elemis, Skinceuticals, NYR Covent Garden, Valcena Paris, Decleor, Lanoline, Dermalogica are some of the products I use for facial treatments.

At Sense we understand the importance of tailoring your treatments to your individual requirements. I provide a choice of massage oils or creams and can add aromatherapy to create the perfect fragrance for you. All treatments begin with a consultation to ensure that I understand your needs. Whether you want to feel relaxed and calm, or energised and uplifted, I will ensure your objectives are met. 

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