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Facial - What is a facial? Things that affect your skin. Skin analysis. Benefits of facial. How ofte

Facial is a beauty treatment for the face that may involve high levels of technology and techniques as radio frequency, oxygen therapy, electrolysis microdermabrasion and/or different utensils  like extractors, spatulas, brushes, sponges etc. All to achieve the results expected by a client. 

Facials are specially designed for males or females in agreement with individual needs and following the results of the skin analysis or diagnosis. Cosmetics vary for men and women as well.

The treatment is mostly relaxing, physically and mentally but can be a few uncomfortable moments  in the process. They will be well worth at the end.

There is some redness and sometimes a tingling sensation that follows a facial and that is absolutely normal. It will all go away in about a day or two.

If your skin has a lots of breakouts it may take a few more days to heal what was already there, but it should improve with a facial,  unless it is a systemic problem.

There are many things that may affect our skin every day, especially when season is changing.

In October you might notice a change in your skin when you start to turn the heat on. This because inside heat can dehydrate the skin.

In April when the weather warms up, the skin can get oilier and creates breakouts.

Skin analysis or skin diagnose is really important in a facial treatment. That is how your therapist will find out which type of skin you are before treat. Also, clients don't really understand why their skin is really oily one day and another day the skin is dry. Understanding that there are differents types of skin is understand that can be combination oily, oily meaning that you have more oily area than dry, or combination dry, that is the opposite, or dry skin.

We also have what we call sub conditions of the skin as; surface dryness, visible capillaries, sensitive skin or asthma, dermatitis, irritate skin. Therefore, one skin can be oily with surface dryness. In fact, 50% of the population have a oily skin but 10% of that 50 have a surface dryness. This is why many people get very confused about their skin type because, some days the skin are oily with blackheads and other days their skin is dry. The reason for situations like that is because they have treat their skin with the wrong products for a long time. 

Once one is using the right products the skin won't be surface dry.

A lots of people are misdiagnosing their skin and using strong products to dry up their skin and this is causing more problems because you can't dry up the oil from the skin because it comes from inside out. Can also be relate to hormone imbalance, if one produces more testosterone. What one needs to do is use the right products.  

Another big mistake one can make is do not use moisturise because they think their skin is already too oily and moisture and that can make it worth.

Everyone needs moisturise their skin  because moisturise are made for healing, protect, nutri and keep the pores small but it needs to be right product which the right ingredient for each type of skin.

A dry skin also needs nourishing, protection, lifting and therefore, treat and moisturising is really important.

Benefits of facials are enormous. As said before for one knows their type of skin and start to buy the right products for their skin. Also for keep skin with smoother texture, proper hydration, a glowing complexion, fewer breakouts, decrease the aging process, firmer the skin, clarifying the effects of UV lights on the skin etc.

How often shall one gets a facial will depend on your skin type but in general  the recommendation is every other week if you can manage treat a little from home.

Dry or dehydrate skin is more important to take facials in the winter time than in the summer.

Oily skin is best to take facials in the summer as being outside and sunscreen can affect oily skin quite a lot.

Which kind of facial shall I choose? If you do not take facials regularly, or do not take facial for a long time the indication is that you take a complete facial routine that involves:

- 3 Levels of cleansing 

- Steam

- Exfoliation

- Massage

- Mask

- Toner

- Oils/ serums

-Eyes treatment

- Moisturising

A complete facial treatment may take at least 90 minutes treatment and involve a good massage  for guarantee that all the nice products you are using will penetrate in the deepest level of the skin. 

At Sense our "Supreme facial" is the Ideal treatment for you start with. 

If you do take facials more regularly  your choice can compromise some stages of a facial without compromise in results.

Make your results last: When you get a facial make sure you maintain the results. A good facial is an investment on your on face. Your face is your first introduction to the world and It will tell others how is your emotional life, if you are having a good night sleep, if you are tired, hydrate or have a hormone imbalance. You can't expect the results to last if you go home and sleep in your make up or wash a face with a normal bar soap. You must follow your therapist advise and use a good cleanser and moisturise for your skin type and season of the year.

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