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Is sauna good for your skin?

Yes, It is! Sauna is one of the oldest and best ways to detox your whole body at once. However, between dry saunas and steam rooms, dry saunas are best for you. Most of the steam rooms saunas, (especially in public's swimming pools uses the swimming pool water connect to the steam room, that means the fluorine use to treat the swimming pool's water will get heat in the steam room and this meant the you will be breathing the toxic air inside (as fluorine becomes poisoning if heat). Another down point of steam rooms are the fact that temperature doesn't get so high to kill fungus and bacteria in the room where you will be taking sauna breathing or touching such thing.

In the USA most of the swimming pools are treated with ozone which makes a steam room safe as sauna but, this is not the case in the UK. Dry sauna are hotter but more efficient way to detox your skin.

How to take Sauna?

You can take sauna as you wish but some simple tips may help.

If you do work up for more than 40 minutes after 6pm, sauna can help you to relax your body and brain helping you to calm down and have a nice night sleep.

People suffering from depression or anxiety should take sauna to relax and sleep better.

Sauna can help to release the tension when suffering from serious diseases but, if you have high or low pression or heart disease you should talk to your doctor before start and consider to take magnesium, potassium supplement while and after doing saunas because you will lose minerals during sauna so, reposition is necessary to avoid that you get dizzy collapse etc. How long you will take a sauna is up to you. The recommendation is 10 to 20 minutes but if you found really hard to stay 2 x of 10 minutes is excellent.

Would you like to know more about sauna benefits? Have a look on Dr. Mercola article.

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